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Your registration process

Always in control

A new way to get your company moving

Need a car for work but don’t want the unnecessary overhead? That’s solved with car2go: You start by signing up for a personal membership. After signing up and creating a company account, you will have three roles to choose from. This allows you to adapt the management of your car2go business account to your own corporate structures.

Here’s how:
1: Register as a member if you don’t already have a personal car2go account.
2: As a registered member, it is now possible to create a company account.
3: As the creator of the company account, you are automatically assigned the role of “Company Administrator”.
4: There are two more roles: “Driver Manager” and “Accountant”. You can either take on the roles yourself or delegate them to other colleagues.
5: You will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.
6: Upon approval of your company account, you can, as Company Administrator, invite colleagues by email, manage their data or distribute the roles as you wish.

Invite drivers and view trip lists

Know who is on the road

The Driver Manager is one of three roles, together with Company Administrator and Accountant, through which you manage your car2go company account. The Driver Manager must be assigned this role by the Company Administrator. As Driver Manager, you can invite employees to become car2go drivers, manage their data, view their trips and all the invoices.

This is how the Driver Manager invites a new driver:
1: Send the employee an email invitation to use car2go.
2: The employee must confirm the invitation by email.
3: In order to keep private and business trips separate, the employee must first register as a private client.
4: If your employee already has a private car2go account, step three is void.
5: As an added bonus, the company can offer to pay for the costs of the employees’ registration.

If you are an individual entrepreneur or want to have sole control of the programme, you can, as Company Administrator, take on all the roles.

Using car2go privately and for business

One registration, two options

You’ve heard of car2go? You think a flexible fleet expansion without monthly overheads would suit your company? Great! Then tell your supervisor or your company’s fleet manager. After the creation of a company account, you can get invited to join as an employee. And the best part is your one member card can give you access to both accounts!

1: Sign up for car2go, if you do not already have a personal car2go membership.
2: Ask the car2go Driver Manager at your company for an invitation to join the company account.
3: Confirm your invitation to the company account by email.
4: Now you can choose which trips are for business or personal use when you enter the car.

Crystal clear billing

Transparent in every detail

As Company Administrator or Accountant you will receive your monthly itemised car2go invoice showing all journeys, times, addresses and distances. This ensures maximum transparency and gives you a constantly updated overview: you can track exactly when and where your employees were travelling and whether the journeys should be classified as business travel.

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